Hurricane season may still be a few months away, but it’s never too early to pre-prepare- in other words, know exactly what you should do if and when a hurricane strikes. As anyone who lives in the southeastern parts of the United States surely knows, hurricanes can have wildly devastating effects on the properties of those who don’t best prepare for them, and more years than not, are responsible for billions- that’s right, billions- of dollars worth of damages.

More often than not, hurricanes have specific points of entry through which they cause most of their damage, most notably windows, doors, and roofs. So, what can you do to prepare each part of your house for such truculent storms?

How to Prepare Your Roof for a Hurricane

Many newer homes along the Atlantic Coast are built with hurricane straps, also sometimes called hurricane ties, hurricane straps, or hurricane anchors. These devices work to hold your roof intact as gale-force winds whip through the area. If your house is older and doesn’t have them, you should probably look to purchase and install some immediately, as they cost a minuscule fraction of what they could potentially save your house in damages. You’ll also want to have your roof generally inspected, making sure there are no problem areas that could make it easier for major storms to cause damage to the inside of your home- and soon, if possible before other people get the same idea as you.

How to Prepare Your Windows for a Hurricane

Duct tape across your windows simply isn’t good enough. It’s generally advised for homeowners in areas that get hit by the worst of most hurricanes to have their windows replaced with high-impact glass to begin with. If you live in a hurricane-prone area and your windows are made of weaker materials, this would be a great time to replace them with stronger glass, while the demand isn’t low and hurricane season is still a few months out. If all else fails, though, boarding up your windows with plywood is a decent last-resort option to keep the wrath of hurricanes out of your living room.

How to Prepare Your Doors for a Hurricane

Something as simple as a loose screw can mean the difference between a hurricane being able to knock your door down and not. A simple examination of your doors can go a long way in terms of strengthening your house’s defense system against a hurricane, and as mentioned with your windows, this would be an excellent time to shore up those doors while there is no imminent threat of a hurricane. Speaking of your windows- most doors have small windows built into them too, so you may as well get them shored up too!


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