Start with a checklist 

Figure out what you need that is best for you and your household to add to your moving list. To give you a start here are some ideas on how to start your checklist. 

  • One of the biggest parts of physical moving, other than selling and or buying a home, is packing. Start by organizing what you want to pack, how much time you have, and when you want to pack it. 
  • Purchase packing supplies such as boxes, tapes, markers, and box cutters. 
  • Consolidate unwanted items by selling, donating, or throwing items and trash away. 
  • Research moving companies, choose and hire one, and schedule when they will come to move you. 
  • Inquire about moving insurance with your movers or your insurance company. Moving house service flat vector illustration. Post office workers loading cardboard boxes into truck. Deliverymen planning parcels shipment isolated cartoon character on white background
  • Consider if you might need storage space and research local storage rooms. 
  • Transfer any medical records and school records if applicable. 
  • Gather important documents and make sure they are all in a safe place. 
  • Remember to transfer prescriptions to a pharmacy closer to your new home. 
  • Call your utility company and let them know you are moving. 
  • Make special arrangements for any children and pets. 
  • Make any necessary travel arrangements.
  • Clean the house. 
  • Make sure you have plenty of water and snacks for moving day. 
  • Have an overnight bag packed to the side to have for your first night. Have Pjs, a new outfit, and toiletries. 
  • Pack any last-minute outfits. 

Places to get boxes 

You’ll need boxes for packing and there are plenty of places to get them from. 

  • Start by asking your friends and family if they have any boxes laying around you could use.
  • Stores like home depot and lowes sell boxes. 
  • Most storage places also have boxes available to buy. 

Changing your address  

Places you may need to change your mailing address so your mail can be delivered to your new home. The first place you should go is the United States Post Office. You can even change your address online now and they’ll forward almost all of the mail that comes to your old address. Let the IRS know where are moving as well. Other places to notify of your new address are your bank, billers, and creditors. 


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