Buying a new house is a momentous occasion that, for most people, only occurs a couple of times in their lives. If this momentous occasion is in the cards for you at some point in the near future, congratulations!

But don’t get too far ahead of yourself too quickly. First things first- you’ll need to sell the house you currently call home, and preferably not for less than you initially bought it for. As you may have guessed, this is a process; it’s something that will take time and effort to do.

Fear not, though. Our team of experts at Drew Sineath & Associates is here to help! Here are three things you’ll need to do in order to best situate yourself to sell your house quickly, and for a profit.

Make any and all repairs necessary

The first thing you should do upon realizing that you’re going to be selling your house is making sure that everything in or connected to your house works the way it should. This means ensuring that your air conditioning unit can keep inhabitants cool in the heat of the summer, getting one final roof inspection before you put the property up for sale, and just generally making sure that the people you’re selling the house to won’t inherit a major issue. It’s your responsibility to turn the house over to its new owners in the best shape possible; not only is this considered proper etiquette, but if the new owners discover a nasty surprise that you failed to mention and address during the closing period, you might not be selling the house for as much as you thought… or even at all.

Un-personalize your home

It can be understandably difficult to let go of the warm feelings you have for your house so quickly, but in order to make the best impression on potential buyers, you’re going to want to disconnect from your house before you show it off. What does that mean? Well, your family portraits, your grandmother’s favorite vase, your father’s old rocking chair, and other decorations inside your house may mean a great deal to you, but potential buyers have no such connection with these things. Instead, people who come to take a tour of the house will be imagining the house as they would have it look, with their own personal touch. Some things will be easier to pack up and remove from the house than others, but as a general rule, try to present your possible buyers with as close to a blank canvas as possible.

Make your house sparkle- inside and outside

You might be surprised how many potential house sales are lost because a potential buyer didn’t think the house was kept up well. First impressions last, though, and if your house looks like it hasn’t been power washed in twelve years, it could leave a bad first impression on the would-be buyers and dissuade them from going through with the transaction. That would be a foolish way to lose your opportunity to sell your house quickly and lucratively. Take a little extra care and spruce it up as much as you can ahead of the potential buyers’ visits, and start them off with a good feeling immediately upon their arrival to your property.