Is your home ready for fall and all it’s festivities? As cooler weather, Halloween and Thanksgiving approach, getting your home spruced up can be easy and fun! We have put together some fall favorite tips for decorating your home in style. ​




It’s that time of year again- cozy sweaters, hot apple cider, cool weather and changing leaves. Time to make your home feel warm and welcoming! The below is a list of some ideas on how to decorate your house for Fall inside and out.

Cornucopia of color- Take a cornucopia, wicker or sweetgrass for a lowcountry style, and fill with small colorful pumpkins, leaves and multi-colored corn stalks. Be creative! Makes a beautiful and filling table centerpiece.

Pumpkin votive centerpiece – Take small pumpkins and carve out the center, big enough for a small votive or tea light. Place the candles in the small but differing size pumpkins and stagger around the table.  For a unique effect, used an LED electronic tea light, and cut a small slit in the pumpkin in front of it to slide a place card. You now have illuminated place card holders for your fall table.

Wooded centerpiece– birch shavings or sliced wooden stumps make for nice rustic tablescapes. Places candles on top of the wooden circles, or place birch shavings in between candles and layer with fresh fall leaves and acorns for a natural wooded look.
Pomanders- Pomanders are oranges with cloves placed in them in patterned ways. Stick cloves into oranges making different patterns for each orange. Place oranges in large decorative bowl and place in the center of the table. Not only does it look festive, it smells aromatic too!

Blessing cards– lay out “blessing” cards. Write things your thankful for in calligraphy on small cards and scatter across the table. Leave some blank with a nice gold pen for others to write their thankful blessings to add to the table.

Pinecone name cards– Write names on small place cards with metallic pens and place name cards in the ridges of the pinecones. For more festive pine cones, spray with metallic paint or spruce up by sprinkling glitter all over.
Burlap runner

Monogrammed pumpkins– Take a large white pumpkin and paint your monogram on with a beautiful flowing script. Add another pumpkin or two that say “welcome” and “home”. This makes a beautiful way to identify your home and provides a nice entryway piece to make others feel welcome.

“Mumkin” carved pumpkin with mums– Carve out a large pumpkin and remove the insides much like you would for a jack o lantern. Place a mum flower inside and place around the door in varying colors and sizes. Enjoy your beautiful “mumkins”.

Autumn wreath– You can buy wreath starters at the craft store, either metal or foam, and make your own wreath. Place items like moss, leaves, acorns, wheat stalks and even small pumpkins or corn cobs for a festive entryway décor piece.

Cinnamon brooms- Who doesn’t love the smell of cinnamon brooms? Place a large cinnamon broom in a tall colored vase and fill the gaps with wheat stalks, leaf garland and other harvest décor for a lovely and fragrant entryway piece- inside or outside!

Sidewalk luminaries – Cut our paper lunch bags, white or brown, with harvest patterns and place inside LED electronic votive candles to  light the way to your home for family and friends.

Ornamental cabbage– ornamental cabbage is a unique and beautiful item to decorate with. Place in a nice wooden planter or arrange with pumpkins near a festive rug for a warm entryway.

Fireplace & Mantle
Fall Foliage– Line the mantle with store bought leaf garland. Place on top candles or harvest figurines and fill open spaces with acorns or small pinecones.

Mason jar candles– what’s more Southern and festive than mason jars? Fill small or large jars with orange, yellow and white candles.  Fill jar a little less than halfway up the candle with acorns or tri-colored corn kernels.

Tri-colored cornhusk bundles– Tie together three small cornhusks or “Indian corn” and place on the mantle on tops of a solid colored runner. Intersperse Indian figurines or cotton buds for a harvest look.

Glittered Acorn filled votive jars– Fill votive candleholders with acorns you’ve decorated with glitter for a more glamorous fall look. Place on the mantle on top of small square or circular mirrors and decorative silver or gold beads.

Gourds– Arrange gourds of different colors and sizes on the mantle and set off the look with family pictures or candles.

Thankful garland – Make a thankful garland by placing blessing cards (like in the first project) onto twine with small clothespins. Hang garland around the mantle for an inspiring piece.

Large pumpkins and vases– Large pumpkins and vases on the floor around the fireplace makes for an inviting and festive look. Be sure to keep on the slate but far enough away from the fireplace opening.

Patterned pillows and throws- Fall colored pillows and throw blankets look great on sofas to keep guests comfortable and warm on chilly days!

Fall flowers– Pick up a bunch of yellow, orange, white and red flowers at your local grocery store or farmers market. Place in a glass or ceramic vase and tie a burlap bow around the middle for a beautiful harvest bouquet. Spruce up with some wheat stalks, cotton or baby’s breath.

Book page banner– Make a banner out of pages from old books and tie together with orange yarn or twine and hang across entryways for a whimsical look.

Wheat stalks and flowers in old spice cans- Place wheat stalks or flowers into vintage spice cans, coffee cans or cracker/cookie tins. This makes for a nice vintage harvest look on your counter.

Seasonal baked goods– Of course, seasonal baked goods are always a fall favorite! Bake some pumpkin bread, apple turnovers, sweet potato cookies or pecan pie to add a delicious aroma and Norman Rockwell look to your kitchen island or countertops!

Firefly mason jars– Fill mason jars with acorns, leaves or small pinecones and a string of LED white Christmas lights for “firefly jars” you can place on kitchen counters and bar/island tops.

Scented handsoaps & lotions– Time to break out that hand soap and lotion combo at the bathroom sink. At a time where germs are a plenty and hands are dry from the weather, nothing is more comforting than sweet smelling fall hand soaps and moisturizing lotions.

Seasonal hand towels– Pick up some cute hand towels to give your bathroom a festive flair.

Autumn scented candles– Candles are the best go-to bathroom décor, for the benefit of a festive look and a fresh smell!

Affordable Places to get décor– Check out these places for affordable and stylish décor pieces or craft ideas:
AC Moore
Big Lots
TJ Maxx
Antique stores