Buying a new home is an exciting venture for anyone but also a stressful one. Trying to figure out how to decorate your new home can be a daunting task. If you’re like most, you probably like multiple styles and colors. The many options can make it overwhelming to narrow down how to decorate your home. 

Get a Plan First 

Don’t allow yourself to stress too much about the interior of your home. Start with making a plan first. Start with what work may need to be done on your house. What remodeling are you wanting to do, what walls need to be painted, and what needs to be touched up and patched? Write these things down and start with that list. Next, figure out what each room’s use will be. Set a budget for the different projects you want to do and start to get inspired. Pinterest is a great tool to go to for inspiration. Start step by step and one room at a time to avoid being overwhelmed. Take your time! 

Lighting and Colors 

Modern blue room, grey sofa, yellow blanket and leaf frame, lamp

When designing your new home figure out the natural lighting you have coming in and what kind of interior lighting you will need to bring in.The type of lighting and color of lighting can make all the difference to the brightness and mood of the room. Lighting also affects the colors you use in your decor. Ambient lighting without any bright lights can make a bright-colored room look dull. Figure out what kinds of lighting look best with the room and the colors in the room. 

Expressing Yourself 

Find your own style in decorating your home. Your home should be a representation of yourself and your family. Put personal touches in your home to make it unique to you. Putting a bit of yourself can turn any house into a home for you and your family. Be consistent in style throughout your home. Not every room in your house should be the exact same but allow it to flow through seamlessly. 

Refresh and Throw Away 

Moving out of one house into another is a great opportunity to refresh and throw away old things. Don’t be afraid to declutter and give away or sell some things. 


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