Buy Local at the Charleston Farmers Market

Charleston Farmers MarketAll of us at Drew Sineath and Associates love the fact that we live in the warm, wonderful South Carolina Lowcountry!  With its long growing season and rich soil, Charlestonian farms have long been producing impeccable produce.  Of course, because we are nestled between fresh water rivers and the majestic Atlantic Ocean, fresh fish and seafood is always plentiful and readily available.  Beyond Charleston’s incredible local produce and delicious seafood, our area also is home to many gifted culinary marvels, homespun soap makers, impeccable bakeries, and talented artists.  All of these creative and hard-working folks come together each Saturday at Marion Square in downtown Charleston for the Charleston Farmers Market through Saturday, December 20, 2014.  Here are some of the highlights you can look for while enjoying your visit to the Charleston Farmers Market.

Fresh from the Farm:

There are 26 different farms and growers that weekly converge on Marion Square to sell their fresh farm to table vegetables, fruits, flowers, honey, eggs, meat, and more!  Ambrose Family Farm, Jos. Fields Farms, and Lowland Farms are local favorites as they not only serve the community each week at the Farmers Market, but they also offer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships where they will deliver whatever is currently being harvested right to your front door (for a fee, of course)!  Of course, many people like to come and see what is in season on display and choose their own select specimens to take home.

Fresh from the Oven:

Of course, seeing the Lowcountry’s bountiful harvest inspires one’s culinary creativity and whets one’s appetite for something delicious.  Never fear, some of Charleston’s most highly acclaimed gourmet chefs “set up shop” right in Marion Square to create an enormous outdoor food court.  Offering everything from gyros to crepes to gumbo to ice cream and everything in between, your palate will be pleased and pacified as you taste your way through the Charleston Farmers Market!  While you’re eating, be sure to also enjoy the talents of the featured live local musicians.

Fresh from the Heart:

The Charleston Farmers Market not only showcases local farms and food vendors, but it also is home to many talented and gifted artists!  There are many jewelry designers that come to the market to sell their inspired designs.  Local soap and lotion makers congregate at the Farmers Market to allow patrons to test and sample their specially formulated skin care products.  There are artists who craft items to beautify your home and garden and candle makers that specialize in aromatherapy.  Of course, paintings, photographs, pottery, sculptures, and other mixed media designs are also available for your perusal and purchase.

Charleston, South Carolina is a city that is thriving and is truly alive!  With its weekly Farmers Market (April through December) local farmers, chefs, and artists meet the public and supply Charlestonians with their fresh produce, meat, fish, shrimp, and bread while also providing homemade soaps, hand crafted jewelry, hand blown glass, and much more!  At Drew Sineath and Associates, we know that the Charleston Farmers Market is one-of-a-kind and we hope that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy all that it has to offer our city!

3 Charleston Public Beaches to go for a Swim

Charleston public beachesAll of us here at Drew Sineath and Associates agree that there is nothing like the feeling of cool ocean water gently tickling your toes as you relax in a comfy beach chair, allowing the sun to soothe your skin and the sea to satisfy your soul.  Here in Charleston, South Carolina, there are miles upon miles of open, breathtaking beach for everyone to enjoy!  However, if one truly wants a Carolina beach experience complete with superb amenities such as showers, changing rooms, picnic pavilions, life guarded swimming areas, playgrounds, and more, one must go to one of the three Charleston public beaches: Folly Beach County Park, Isle of Palms County Park, or Kiawah Beachwalker Park.

All county parks that are Charleston public beaches employ highly trained lifeguards to keep the allocated swimming areas safe.  Lifeguards are on duty during the weekends from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM starting in May and then daily starting on Memorial Day until mid-August.  All three parks rent beach umbrellas and chairs, host a small retail store that sells beach toys and other necessities, and run a snack bar.  These amenities are available to guests during Charleston County School District’s spring break and daily from Memorial Day until August 18, 2014.  Starting August 19th, the snack bar, rental equipment, and store will only be open on weekends until September 29, 2014 when these services end until the next year.

Folly Beach County Park

Folly Beach County Park is located at the western tip of Folly Island, or “The Edge of America” as many now call it.   Perhaps this moniker stems from the fact that as one drives over the Intracoastal Waterway and the Folly River onto the island, the road ends and one must turn left or right because directly in front of you lays an impressive hotel, and just beyond the hotel is the vast Atlantic Ocean.  It truly does feel as if one has arrived at the very edge of America.  To get to the county park, one must take a right on to West Ashley Avenue off of Folly Road and this leads directly to the park’s entrance.  Many people like Folly Beach because of its laid back atmosphere and the great surf.  There are many beach shops, neat restaurants, and unique little shops all around downtown Folly Beach, making it a great destination for tourists and vacationers.

Isle of Palms County Park

Yet another splendid park located north east of downtown Charleston is Isle of Palms County Park.  With similar amenities as Folly Beach County Park, Isle of Palms is located near the town of Mount Pleasant and also offers a volleyball court, a playground, charcoal grills, and a fabulous picnic area!  Isle of Palms isn’t as populated as Folly Beach, but Ocean Boulevard does have its fair share of restaurants, shops, and boasts many stunning vacation rental properties and privately owned homes.

Kiawah Beachwalker Park

Even though Beachwalker Park is a public beach, it is so secluded and lush that one feels as though they’re in the unchartered tropics.  The palmetto trees and other greenery that shield the beach from the road and eventually give way to unfettered beachfront property give this park its unique atmosphere.  “Kiawah Island is rated as having the ‘Second Most Romantic Beach in America’ by National Geographic Traveler,” according to  It’s definitely worth the drive over John’s Island and past Freshfields Village as Beachwalker Park is the only public access to this very private and exclusive island.

If living on one of the Charleston public beaches is something you want to do, call us at Drew Sineath and Associates today!  We can make your dream beach home become a reality!

What’s On Patriots Point Charleston

Patriots Point CharlestonLocated at the foot of the majestic Arthur Ravenel Memorial Bridge and at the wide mouth of the Cooper River, a fertile peninsula of land juts out into the water and provides spectacular views of the Charleston Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean.  This geographical sweet spot, called Patriots Point, is home to some terrific golf, delicious restaurants, and outstanding historic sites and museums. As a realtor, I know that Patriot’s Point is yet another attractive aspect of living in the Charleston Lowcountry!  Here are some terrific activities that can be found on Patriots Point Charleston.

  1. Patriots Point Links on Charleston Harbor: A public course beyond compare, this Willard Byrd par three course will have you thinking that you’re far, far away from civilization with its incredible views, charming club house, and delicious restaurant.  Summer rates range between $40.00 to $70.00.  Be sure go online or call ahead to schedule your tee time at this fabulous Charleston golf course!  The club house, called the Pavilion, is also a perfect setting for a spectacular southern wedding or any festive event.
  2. Patriot’s Point Sports Complex: College of Charleston, the oldest public college in the United States, has built a spectacular sports complex serving their baseball, softball, soccer, and tennis teams.  The Town of Mt. Pleasant shares the soccer facility and the multi-million dollar, state of the art complex was completed in 2007.  Providing glorious green space and incredible collegiate athletic facilities, this complex is just another outstanding aspect of Patriots Point.
  3. Charleston Harbor Fish House:  With the growing interest and increased activity going on, on Patriots Point, the need for a finely appointed casual fine dining establishment was apparent.  Opening just a couple of years ago, Charleston Fish House caters to locals, tourists, and mariners, alike.  Dock your boat and enjoy a delicious meal and some adult beverages from their rooftop bar.  Meander over to the restaurant after watching the College of Charleston’s soccer team annihilate their opponent.  Relax with a good meal after touring what we’re going to mention next…
  4. Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum:  The most important and historic attraction found on Patriots Point is the naval and maritime museum that houses the World War II era aircraft carrier, The USS Yorktown.  On the flight deck and the hangar bay of the Yorktown, tour some of America’s most famous fighter planes such as the F4F Wildcat, F6F Hellcat, F-4J Phantom II, F-8K Crusader, F-14 Tomcat, N-2 Stearman Kaydet and much, MUCH more! Also at the museum, you’ll find the USS Clamagore – a Cold War submarine, a destroyer that participated in the D-Day invasion at Normandy called the USS Laffey, the Congressional Medal of Honor Museum, the Cold War Memorial, and the Vietnam Support Base.  Tickets are available online or on location.
  5. Launch’Em At Patriots Point: If taking in all of the aircraft on the Yorktown gives you the desire to “take to the skies”, you can do just that via helicopter with Pee Dee Helicopters.  Get fantastic views of our harbor, the bridge, our shores, and more from over 800 feet in the air!

Charleston, South Carolina is an amazing place to live, work, and play and Patriots Point Charleston is just one of many fascinating historical sites!  If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing a home or some land in our part of paradise, please give us a call at Drew Sineath and Associates today!

What Are Charleston Style Homes?

Charleston style homesAnyone who has traveled through the heart of downtown Charleston, South Carolina and then wandered out into other parts of the Carolina lowcountry has been exposed to an architectural trend that utterly transformed lowcountry living starting in the 18th century and still today.  Only one room wide, two or more rooms deep, and two or more stories tall, the Charleston single house resulted more from function rather than form and gradually became the classic and iconic representation of Charleston home architecture.  At Drew Sineath and Associates, we recognize the incredible influence history has on the overall style and feeling of many of the homes in the greater Charleston area and believe that by understanding its foundation, you too can appreciate the legacy that plays out in today’s Charleston style homes.

Charleston, SC was first founded by English settlers in 1670.  The city gradually grew and eventually became a thriving port city by the mid 18th century.  Because of its incredible hot and humid summer weather, people tried to build homes that maximized the natural breezes that blew in from the water.  Thus, the Charleston single house was born!  With this style of home, every room had access to a cross breeze since the homes were only one room wide.

Another important feature found on these Charleston style homes was the double porch, called the piazza.  The piazza flanked the house along its entire depth and in essence, created an outdoor living space that was accessible from every room on the first two floors of the house.  This was crucial to the health and comfort of the people living in the homes at the time as history tells us that fashion was not weather conscious and people, especially women, suffered for it.  With incredible layers of undergarments, including stockings, petticoats, and corsets and then wearing a full gown on top of all of that, people needed fresh air and a place to cool off.  The piazza was the perfect place to sit down and perhaps raise the skirts, just a little bit, to cool off.

This leads us to the “front” door.  The door that leads to the piazza from the street may be seen as a front door, but it was really more of a privacy door.  If the piazza door was open, then the owners were open to receiving visitors.  However, if the piazza door was closed, that meant that the family desired privacy and callers would have to come another time.  Propriety was very important in those days and if a lady were to be seen in any state of undress, it would be very embarrassing.

So, this long, tall, and narrow house with its double decker porch could be adapted to any income level.  Some of the grandest homes on the peninsula are in the Charleston single house style.  Some of the smallest and most modest homes in the older parts of Charleston are also Charleston single houses.  It all depended upon what the owners wanted and could afford.

Through the ages, this type of home became the visual calling card of our amazing city.  Today, similar traits can be seen in the newest houses because everyone wants to retain a piece Charleston’s incredible history.

Perhaps the most emulated trait that has transcended most architectural styles and eras is the layered porches.  We at Drew Sineath and Associates think that if you’re not sure if the Charleston single house is still influencing today’s builders, you should just drive around some of the newer neighborhoods and count the number of double porches.  You’ll see that old Charleston is still whispering to us through our piazzas.

List of Charleston SC News Stations and Radio

Charleston SC News Stations

US Customs House, Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC and the surrounding area is a bustling and thriving southern metropolitan city. It does, however, have some unique characteristics that make it very important for its inhabitants to be abreast of local news, weather, and traffic.  At Drew Sineath and Associates, we want everyone to know exactly where to get accurate and up-to-date information. This type of knowledge truly lends itself to being safe and happy. Being that Charleston lies on the east coast’s hurricane alley, it is always important to have access to local and national weather.  Because Charleston is an historic city and is protected by an active preservation society and many laws, traffic patterns and street closures are always changing.  It’s important to know how to get where you’re going before finding that you can’t get there at all.  Lastly, being “in the know” about local issues and events allows Charleston’s inhabitants to truly understand and deliberately thrive in their hometown.

Television Stations: There are five major Charleston, SC news stations.

  • Channel 2: NBC Affiliate: WCBD: News 2 is an excellent channel to receive information about weather, news, and more.
  • Channel 4: ABC Affiliate: WCIV: News Charleston is another fantastic news channel.  It is also home the locally produced show called Lowcountry Live that airs at 10:00 AM every weekday.  Lowcountry Live showcases material that is specific to this part of the US and is therefore, quite unique.
  • Channel 5: CBS Affiliate: WCSC: Live 5 is third in line of the major Charleston, SC news stations and is excellent source of information for anyone living in the South Carolina Lowcountry.
  • Channel 7: PBS Affiliate: ETV South Carolina airs the PBS News Hour Monday through Friday from 6:00-7:00 PM.
  • Channel 24: Fox Affiliate: WTAT Fox 24 airs national news and community news features such as the pet of the week and Lowcountry Kitchen.

Of course, each of these Charleston, SC news stations have correlating websites that also provide local and national news, weather, and special interest pieces.

Radio Stations:  There are two news radio stations in the greater Charleston area.

  • News Radio 94.3 FM WSC is a talk radio and news channel.  Such syndicated shows as Glenn Beck, Dave Ramsey, and Sean Hannity can be heard on this station.
  • ETV Radio – News: WJWJ FM 89.9 is NPR’s radio syndicate in the Charleston area.  BBC World Service, South Carolina Business Review, and other shows can be heard on a daily basis here.

Being informed about the latest news, both local and national, is very important and all of us at Drew Sineath and Associates want everyone in the Lowcountry to know exactly where they can turn to get reliable and up-to-date news.  Fortunately, Charleston SC has many excellent news stations on television, over the radio, and also online.  Perhaps it would be beneficial to bookmark this page so that it’s easy to link to news stations and channels in case immediate information and news is needed.  It’s always good to be prepared so that Charleston residents can live in safety and have peace of mind.

Why You Should Bookmark The Charleston City Paper

Charleston City Paper

Noisy Oyster Restaurant

Living in a region with so many incredible attributes, like the greater Charleston, SC area, can actually be a bit overwhelming.  When you live in a culturally rich and diverse place, where do you go to actually enjoy all that your area has to offer?  When gastronomic deliciousness seems to be everywhere, where do you go to get the best burgers, shrimp and grits, or chicken and waffles?  When you reside in a creative and artistic environment, how do you know what’s actually happening and when?  Well fortunately, here in Charleston we have the Charleston City Paper to help us with all these conundrums and more!  At Drew Sineath and Associates, we’re glad to have the Charleston City Paper to help us navigate the comings and goings of our area and here’s why we believe you should bookmark their webpage and use it whenever you plan to go out and about.

  • Food and Drink: Charleston, SC is known all over the world for its amazing food!  The Charleston City Paper has a specific section dedicated solely to the various food and beverage trends and establishments that dot our city and the surrounding area.  Looking for reviews?  Check out the Charleston City Paper.  Looking for local cheap eats? Check out the Charleston City Paper.  Looking to see who has an excellent vegetarian menu?  Again, check the Charleston City Paper.  It’s all there!
  • Music and Clubs: So, now you’ve eaten out and you want to check out some of the local nightlife.  Just gaze into the screen of your handy-dandy mobile device where the Charleston City Paper is bookmarked and BOOM!  From international artists to local singer/ songwriters to rockin’ DJs, what’s happening in town is now at your fingertips!  For example, if you happen to find yourself looking for something to do next Saturday, May 3rd, you can hop on over to the Banana Cabana on the Isle of Palms to hear a nice acoustic set by Hunter Hill at noon
  • News and Opinion: This newspaper, as many alternative weeklys do, really appeals to the college crowd, young professionals, and those who like to live young.  The overall tone of the news and articles is from a, “…decidedly more liberal editorial stance than one would find in most other South Carolina papers, and it hosts at least one paleoconservative commentator, Jack Hunter, also known as ‘The Southern Avenger’” (
  • Arts and Movies: From mainstream blockbusters to local independent films, The Charleston City Paper advertises it all!  This also includes live theater and other live art forms too.  Of course, both the Spoleto and Piccolo Spoleto festivals boost the number of performances and choices during the spring, but one will find that Charleston never has a lack of shows to see – live or on screen.
  • Calendar and Scene: This is the go-to point for all things Charleston.  Grand openings, gallery events, and games and more can all be found here!

So, what are you doing this weekend? All of us at Drew Sineath and Associates suggest you check out the Charleston City Paper to see what interests you!  A well-planned night on the town is rejuvenating and refreshing; especially when it’s tailored to your specific personality!

Things to Know About Homeowners Insurance

Things to Know About Homeowners InsuranceAll of us agree at Drew Sineath and Associates that living in the greater Goose Creek and Charleston area is a blast and a blessing!  Warm, wonderful winters and steamy, sultry summers are the very embodiment of our area’s climate.  Because of our proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and our low-lying elevation, there are countless rivers, creeks, jetties, and ponds.  While this provides us with spectacular flora and fauna, and scenery and sport, it also puts many of our homes in flood zones.  In other parts of the country, this may not be so concerning, but because we are in a hurricane zone, this is something that all residents must keep in mind when it comes to insurance.

Everyone who owns a home needs homeowner’s insurance.  “Homeowners need to purchase home insurance to protect their homes and personal property. Those who rent need insurance to protect their furniture and other personal property. Everyone needs protection against liability for accidents that injure other people or damage their property,” according to  If you are a homeowner, you can roll your homeowner’s insurance and your property taxes into your monthly mortgage payment through and escrow account.  For many people, this is a helpful tool in managing money and budgeting for these necessary expenses.

A regular homeowner’s insurance policy covers sudden common types of water catastrophes such as faulty plumbing, a roof that leaks, or even an appliance such as a dishwasher or freezer that malfunctions.  What a typical policy does NOT cover is flood damage.  This is of upmost importance and must be considered when purchasing a home in South Carolina.  Many of the homes in the Lowcountry are in a flood zone and all coastal areas are at high risk for wave damage during hurricanes.  While water damage alone is enough to persuade people to purchase a flood insurance policy, remember our climate and how much mold and mildew love our heat and humidity.  Oftentimes, water damage goes deeper than warped baseboards and soggy carpets.  Mold and mildew can get inside the walls and be detrimental and hazardous to peoples’ health.   This is why it is SO important to have flood insurance in South Carolina, especially if you are in a flood zone.

The cost of flood insurance needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing a home in the greater Charleston area.  According to an article from the Post and Courier entitled “New flood insurance rates start to rise on Tuesday” dated Saturday, September 28, 2013 by David Slade and Tyrone Richardson, flood insurance rates are going up due to a 20 billion dollar deficit caused by Hurricane Katrina and Super Storm Sandy.  What does this mean for all homeowner and potential homebuyers?  Be sure you know what your insurance rates are going to be before you purchase.  You don’t want to find yourself in a home that you initially thought you could afford, only to quickly find that the insurance rates price you out of your home.

While this information may sound discouraging, it’s really not.  Living in the greater Goose Creek and Charleston area is wonderful and coastal living is lovely and lively.  A person just needs to be fully aware of what is affordable and then choose the house that fits his or her needs the best.  At Drew Sineath and Associates, we look forward to helping all of our clients find the perfect Lowcountry home.

10 Home Maintenance Tips

10 Home Maintenance TipsWinter is just a few days away and at Drew Sineath and Associates, we want all of your homes to be ready for the cold weather.  Even though we rarely see snow, our temperatures do tend to dip below freezing and our South Carolinian warm-weather loving blood truly feels the cold. Unless you’re a glutton for punishment or completely stoic when it comes to comfort, your furnaces and fireplaces receive a fair amount of use during the winter months.  In order to help you stay safe and happy this winter season, here are ten helpful home maintenance tips.

1.)    Have your fireplace and chimney checked every year.  Regardless of whether your fireplace is gas or wood burning, you must have the chimney and all vents checked and cleaned annually.  Cold, crisp winter nights in front of a warm and inviting fire are only fun if they’re safe.

2.)    Hire a professional to inspect your furnace.  This ensures safety and peak performance throughout the cold months.

3.)    Be sure all air ducts are clean and in excellent working condition.  This will enable your heat to safely and freely warm your home.

4.)    Make sure your gutters are free of debris so that water can easily flow away from your home.  This is especially important if there are any freeze warnings as frozen water expands and leaks tend to occur when water is trapped and then freezes.

5.)    Unless you plan on watering your yard intermittently throughout the winter, have your sprinkler system drained by a professional.  The water that remains in a system will freeze and thaw and could cause damage to your underground water lines.

6.)    Clean off all outdoor furniture that you plan on putting away and storing over the winter.  Spiders love to make their homes in lawn furniture and you don’t want to unwittingly let some unwelcomed guests into your garage or storage shed.

7.)    Check the seals on all doors and windows.  Make sure that all windows are sealed and that there aren’t any large gaps around your doors.  These are prime places for heat to escape and that is money literally blown right out the door!  Cut your power costs by making sure your windows and doors are sealed.

8.)    Make sure your generator is ready to use.  In the Lowcountry, having a generator is beneficial year round because of hurricane season.  For those who have medical conditions that require electrical equipment or who are fragile or frail and cannot be without power and heat in case of ice or wind, it is imperative to make sure the generator is ready for the winter months too.

9.)   Make sure your dryer vent is clean.  Replace any plastic vents or flexible foil ones with rigid metal vents as the others are a dangerous fire hazard.

10.) Put your thermostat on a timer.  If you work during the day and there’s no one home, there’s no reason for the house to remain at a comfortable 70-72 degrees.  It’s perfectly safe for a home to be cooler during the day.  Just remember that if you have indoor pets, you need to keep their safety and health in mind and consistently heat accordingly.

At Drew Sineath and Associates, we hope that these 10 home maintenance tips are helpful to all of you as you enjoy your South Carolina homes this winter.  Please call us if you have any real estate needs in the coming months.

The 24th Annual Holiday Festival of Lights at James Island County Park

The 24th Annual Holiday Festival of Lights at James Island County ParkFor the past 23 years, James Island County Park has wowed THOUSANDS of people with its showcase of electric holiday spirit in the Holiday Festival of Lights!  What had humble beginnings in 1989 has grown into a three mile long glittering display complete with Jack Frost freezing live oak trees with his icy breath, both the old and the new Cooper River Bridges, illuminated tunnels and much, MUCH more!   Here are just a few of the spectacular attractions of this beloved annual Charleston tradition.

1.)    The dramatic drive through glistening glory:  Approximately TWO MILLION lights will brighten the night sky every night from November 8th through December 31st, 2013!  Most displays can be enjoyed from the comfort of your vehicle and once in the park, you can drive around and see the displays as many times as you like.  However, there are MANY light displays that shouldn’t be missed that one can only enjoy by walking to them. Perhaps the most impressive is the display that is timed with music.  One specific crowd-pleaser is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s rendition of Carol of the Bells.  The lights are so fine tuned to the music that they seem to be dancing!

2.)    The sand sculpture:  Every year, a remarkable sand sculpture stands proudly in front of the main building in the park.  “With his tool belt of tiny knives and scrapers, [sand sculpture Damon] Farmer begins with 50 tons of sand, held in place by wooden boards wrapped around the giant pile. When he’s finished, the wood will be gone, leaving an intricate sculpture of impermanent art behind.” (  This amazing piece of organic art usually is about 25 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 5-6 feet tall and can be enjoyed from every angle!

3.)    Santa’s Village:  Inside the park, be sure to stroll through Santa’s Village and enjoy a ride on the carousel.  Purchase some marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate and stand around our gas fire pits and enjoy a delicious s’more!  Take a look at all of the life-sized greeting cards that have come from schools all across the Lowcountry to compete in the annual competition.  It’s always a joy to celebrate the creativity of children!

4.)    Finally, make your way over to the main building and take a look in the two incredible gift shops.  Each year, the Holiday Festival of Lights adopts an official 24 – carat gold ornament of the year.  Start collecting them now and make this delightful destination a part of your annual holiday tradition.  Also, while over at the main building, take a look at the gingerbread houses that all took part in the annual gingerbread house competition.  It’s just jaw dropping what some folks can do with FOOD!

This is all just the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to the James Island County Park’s Holiday Festival of Lights!  Admission is determined by carload as follows: 1-15 guests: $15.00/ vehicle, 16-30 guests:  $40.00/ vehicle, and 31+ guests $100.00 per vehicle.  There is a $5.00 discount to cars Mondays-Thursdays with the donation of one non-perishable or cat/dog food item.

Top Fall Yard Care Tips

Now that the days are getting cooler and shorter, it’s time to start preparing your lawns for fall and winter.  Here in Charleston, most lawns are either centipede, Bermuda, or St. Augustine grass.  Even though the winters are mild, warm weather annuals still die and need to be removed and just because the weather is no longer blisteringly hot, doesn’t mean that it’s time to stop watering your lawn.  There are many things you can do to make your lawn look spectacular all through the fall and winter months.  Regardless of whether you’re looking to sell your home or just wanting your house to look its best, here are our top three fall yard care tips.

1.)  Overseed your lawn.  What does this mean?  Does that mean to give the lawn more seed than it can handle? No!  It means choose a cool weather grass, like rye grass and plant it over your existing warm weather grass.  According to Better Homes and Gardens’ website, “Prepare the lawn for overseeding by mowing it 1/2 inch shorter than usual and removing the clippings. Sow grass seed over the mowed area, making two passes at right angles to each other.”  Be sure to continue watering your lawn and soon, you’ll see your new grass seedlings start to sprout. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to mow your new and tender grass too soon.  Give it plenty of time to grow and anchor itself before you mow it.  The nice thing about doing this is that once the grass is established, you’ll be able to have a nice, lush, green lawn year ‘round.  Rye grass goes dormant once the weather starts to warm up… just in time for your centipede or Bermuda grass to start waking up.

2.)  Get rid of dead and unwanted plants.  Take advantage of the cooler days and work on your lawns by removing unwanted and dead plants and debris.  Apply weed killer to those uninvited plants and rake up excess dead matter from your lawns that could cause thatch.  This will prepare your yards for a clean winter and encourage healthy regrowth in the spring.  Lastly, remove the dead summer annuals from your lawn and spread out the multiplying bulbs in your perennial flower beds.

3.)  Plant some winter-loving plants.  If you have a garden, plant some lettuce, greens, and turnips.  Replace your colorful summer annuals with some gorgeous cool weather lovers like pansies, chrysanthemums, and even camellias.  Highlight your landscape with holly trees and other berry bushes, perhaps even some brilliant bittersweet.  With these unabashed splashes of color, your winter yard will be anything but grey and drab.

By keeping these three fall yard care tips in mind, your winter yard will look manicured, lively, and healthy.  If you’re looking to sell your home, remember, the outside of your home is the first thing a potential buyer sees.  It’s VERY important to make an outstanding first impression.  However, even if you’re not selling your home, a well-tended yard always improves the value of your home and gives you, the owner, a reason to be house-proud!